Charlottee Tullo for GivingTuesday 2022

November 27, 2022

Charlottee Tullo is a grandmother of two students at Foundation Academies.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Charlottee Tullo

Charlottee Tullo: Hi, my name is Charlotte Tullo and I'm a grandmother of an 8th grader and 4th grader that attend Foundation Academies.

Charlottee Tullo: Today is GivingTuesday and as a member of the Foundation Academy community, I am asking you for your support.

Charlottee Tullo: Foundation Academy is an amazing place because they bring creativity and flexibility to the classroom, which meets every child's individual learning needs, and also, Foundation Academy makes you feel as a partner in your child's educational journey.

Charlottee Tullo: Please consider a donation to the Friends of Foundation Academies today you will be making a difference in the lives of our scholars.

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