Rachel and Julie Cook Sales of Acacia Learning

July 05, 2022


Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel and Julie Cook, MD and Founder, Acacia Learning (CFO Jim Bellingham)

Do you have a message for your FD for his role in helping you sell your business?

Rachel and Julie Cook: Thank you! We wanted to say a big thank you to Jim Bellingham, who's done everything he can to help a sell the business.

In what way did your FD contribute to the successful sale of the business?

Rachel and Julie Cook: running the business whilst dealing with the sale would have been impossible. Having Jim to manage and decipher the process. Was invaluable. Um, having somebody there that we can trust completely just made the whole process so much less stressful.

How has the sale of the business and your FD's contribution towards it, positively impacted your life?

Rachel and Julie Cook: The sale has very positively impacted on my life because I've been able to retire, which is what I've been wanting to do for quite a while now So at the minute this is within days of the sale going through - all my responsibility taken away from me, which was wonderful, absolutely wonderful. and not only now do I get my retirement life, but with plenty of money to spend. So I can do all the things I've always wanted to do. Thank you Jim

What would you say to others looking to take on a part-time FD?

Rachel and Julie Cook: I would recommend somebody looking to take on a part-time FD because it is just the best to have someone so calm and so reassuring on your side. Jim gives the impression that he has seen it literally all before. There is nothing that surprises him. I'd also recommend it just to have somebody that you can talk decisions through with so that you don't feel like you're taking everything on yourself.

What is the number that really matters to you?

Rachel and Julie Cook: My special number is 24. It's 24 hours in the day that I don't have to work anymore. This is wonderful and... I'm getting full enjoyment out of that time and will do even more so when Covid is over. So thank you Jim.

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