Stanley Hurwitz! Please Join Me on October 1st

August 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stanley Hurwitz, EHS Class of '67

Stanley Hurwitz: Hi, I'm still Stanley Hurwitz, 1967 graduate of English High School, hoping that I'll see a lot of people that I went to school with at the Gala Event celebrating the school's Bicentennial on October 1 in Downtown Boston.

Stanley Hurwitz: Working on the 200th Anniversary has put things in perspective. As an example, it's almost the 100th anniversary of my father's graduation from English High School. He graduated in 1924 and that wasn't really a reason why I chose the school, although he was a great guy. And I discovered only recently that my wife's uncle was a 1943 graduate. So it's almost the 80th anniversary of his graduation, and he, besides getting a great education, it prepared him to become a Marine and he fought in the Pacific. So I made many good friends during those years. I kept my yearbook, this is the 1967 class yearbook and I looked through it sometimes reminiscing about friends that I had, people that I still keep in touch with, some people who passed away. And one ongoing joke that I have with friends of mine is that we joke about how many times a person is mentioned in the yearbook. Either a picture or a mention, I wasn't big enough to be on the football team. I wasn't tall enough, believe it or not, at 5' 9" to be on the basketball team. But I did okay on the Stamp Collecting team and on the Coin Collecting team group. And also, I was chosen to be on a quiz show to be an alternate for a quiz show on television. So a lot of good memories and I look forward to seeing people. We can reminisce. We can talk about all the water that's gone under the bridge. Look forward to seeing you October 1st Cheers!

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