Miriam Melendez for The Creation Mindset Video Testimonials

September 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Miriam Melendez, Coach , Infinite Abundance Mindset Mastery

Describe your experience working with me. What was the most enjoyable part about being my client? How were sessions with me fun and helpful?

Miriam Melendez: Priscilla, Such a wonderful soul. I've enjoyed being her client for about a year now, and we have gone through a lot of quantum leaps. Um, she's always able to hold space for me and to encourage me to take those leaps.

What did you gain? What important insights and breakthroughs did we discover together? How are you more of an empowered person as a result?

Miriam Melendez: one of the most important things Priscilla taught me was the importance of setting your foundation for your business. It's so essential to, you know, portray yourself and be professional right in this field. Because the way that you present yourself is the way that you present your work and the way that you present your social media is the way that you're representing yourself and the work that you do. So. It's essential to make sure to have a strong foundation. And I have been very much empowered by her because she helps me take those quantum leaps. Sometimes there's a lot of fear or limiting decisions that we have in our minds. And just to talk, just to mention those to her, um she's able to guide through them and push to break those limiting beliefs.

Why would you work with me again? How did my service (coaching, hypnosis, etc) help you reach your short/long term goals?

Miriam Melendez: Yes, I would definitely work with Priscilla again, and I actually have worked with her multiple times. Um, and the part that I enjoy the most about goals is she's always pushing me, challenging me to do a little bit more right and and past my comfort zone, which is really important to go past your comfort zone so that you're able to reach higher success levels.

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