Roselito De Los Reyes for The Creation Mindset Video Testimonials

September 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lito de los Reyes

Describe your experience working with me. What was the most enjoyable part about being my client? How were sessions with me fun and helpful?

Lito de los Reyes: Working with Priscilla is such a joy as she has that open heart and you feel safe and you're so, such energy and and it's always a pleasure and a joy to be talking to her.

What did you gain? What important insights and breakthroughs did we discover together? How are you more of an empowered person as a result?

Lito de los Reyes: My first Reiki session with her last night was amazing. You know, I could you could really feel the energy is working with you and uh, and um, and I feel better a lot better today than I was yesterday.

Why would you work with me again? How did my service (coaching, hypnosis, etc) help you reach your short/long term goals?

Lito de los Reyes: Why would I work with you again because you're so enjoyable anyway? Uh your service, as far as Ricky is concerned, you know, I really feel I'm looking into the next two sessions and um see, and we'll let you know after after thursday and I really appreciate you.

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