Kennedy Fields for The Creation Mindset Video Testimonials

September 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kennedy Fields, Freelance photographer , Depth of Fields

Describe your experience working with me. What was the most enjoyable part about being my client? How were sessions with me fun and helpful?

Kennedy Fields: Honestly, I can say that working with you has been such a delight. I've known you for years and it's nice to also have a professional relationship with you as well as a personal one. The most enjoyable part about being your client is that I'm able to be comfortable with you. Yes, we're close friends, but you create this safe environment and worth with our sessions. You're always punctual with our schedule meetings and I feel as if I'm being listened to instead of being talked at, we are creating something together and it's nice to have your guidance.

What did you gain? What important insights and breakthroughs did we discover together? How are you more of an empowered person as a result?

Kennedy Fields: We didn't have too many sessions together, but I can say that what I've gained is confidence. I'm still working on it, but I've improved a lot. I realized that I could have whatever I want in this world. You give me the tools to break down and create a plan for myself. If I can dream it, I can have it.

Why would you work with me again? How did my service (coaching, hypnosis, etc) help you reach your short/long term goals?

Kennedy Fields: I would like to work with you again because you've helped me Man Efface.

Kennedy Fields: I would work with you again because you helped me manifest getting my own apartment. I've been meaning to get my own place for a long time and the encouragement you gave me help have a long term goal of becoming a full time photographer. But I feel like there's something still blocking me from getting to the next step.

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