CPCU Society Testimonials- Dr. Kimberly Dunlap

June 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Kimberly Dunlap, Head Consultant, K. Dunlap Consulting

What's your best advice for people starting their careers in this industry?

Dr. Kimberly Dunlap: The best advice that I could give to someone new in this industry is to learn all that you can. This industry, insurance, risk, all of those things, and me specializing in the Claims field, all of this, it gives you so much opportunity to be in different places, different lines, different insureds, different claimants, all types of things. So there's so much variety in this field, that I don't think you would ever get tired, you would never get bored. So my best advice to someone new to the industry would be learn all that you can. If there is an interest, or it piques your interest set out an intent to actually learn that, because not only do you become a valuable commodity in this field, but you also get to be in a fulfilling role in a job every single day. So of course, as the old cliché goes, that when you find something that you're passionate about, it never seems like work. So you'll be able to enjoy your career and your career can take you as far as you want it, to take you just being in this industry and being in this field. So that would be my advice.

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