A Message From CLM

September 29, 2022

Beth Horgan shares an update on CLM's community structure

Video Transcript

Speaker: Beth Horgan, VP of Member Engagement

An important message from CLM

Beth Horgan: Hi, this is Beth Horgan VP of member engagement with CLM. And I want to first start by thanking all of you for your dedication and commitment to CLM and our mission, our success is dependent on the contributions that you make, so on behalf of Team CLM, I want to thank you for the work that you do. I also want to share today that we will be making changes to our communities and committees after taking time this year to evaluate the program and the structure, we've determined that changes were needed. Many of the groups operate very differently and there's not a lot of consistency and it makes it challenging for our programming team to support communities and committees. So we will be sharing this update and there is a cascade of communication planned to share first with the leaders and then more broadly with all of the members, But going forward, what does it look like? There will be just communities, we won't have two different names, it'll be "communities" and the leadership team will consist of 1-2 chairs and then up to eight additional leaders. So each community will have a leadership team and they will work very closely with CLM to identify timely and relevant topics and content for us to be able to deliver in our programming and primarily that will be at our conferences, virtual instructor led webinars and hopefully in the future in self paced content delivery as well. So look for more information to follow and invites to calls where we'll go into more detail that outlines the changes to the program and the charters, and again on behalf of Team CLM, Thank you!

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