Sarah Connor for The CFO Centre Group Video Testimonials

December 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah Connor, Associate Financial Controller, Your Right Hand Finance Team

What do Catra do and at what point in the journey did the CEO approach you?

Sarah Connor: I think grams answering this question so I'm going to skip to the next one.

What’s the benefit of working alongside other Liberti principals?

Sarah Connor: Oh, the benefit for me of working alongside other Liberty principles is the instant report that I have found and the pleasure in working with other high quality professionals. But I think the benefit for the client is that we work in the same way with the same ethos, the same high standards and the overall aim of looking after and supporting that client. I think we complement each other's expertise. We can support each other and we know we can rely on each other and also the support that sits behind each principle within the Liberty organization. I think if a client has more one liberty principle involved, then we know that they fully understood and embrace the flexibility and reliability of the Liberty model. And when we work together, I think that the sum of all of us is greater than the individual parts and that's a real benefit to any client.

What value do we bring to Stephen?

Sarah Connor: I think Jill's answering this question so I'm going to stop.

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