Crispin Moger for The CFO Centre UK North Video Testimonial

August 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Crispin Moger, CEO, Marmalade

What would you like to say to your CFO?

Crispin Moger: I just want to say a big thank you to Will Symonds at the FD Centre for helping us over the last few years. As you know, it's been very challenging, but hopefully has been very rewarding as well, certainly with a lot of our aims having been achieved with you on board.

What one or two big issues/untapped opportunities were you facing before you started working with us?

Crispin Moger: The main issues we faced were, we needed to streamline finance and improve our management accounting to get ourselves more investment ready. And I think we achieved that through help from Will and the FD Centre.

What specifically have been the benefits to your business?

Crispin Moger: I think the big improvements have been our MI, our financial reporting, our management accounting and also the impact it's had on the team. We have a much better, more structured team, a happier finance team, and that's had a very positive impact on the business overall.

What have the benefits been to you personally?

Crispin Moger: I think the benefits to me have been that I feel more in control of what's going on. I understand the figures better. I have more information from which to make decisions. And ultimately that's resulted in a successful exit for the family, which has obviously helped us achieve some of our goals.

What are you hoping to achieve over the coming 12-24 months with the support of your FD/CFO?

Crispin Moger: I think over the next 12 months, our aim is to integrate further with the company. And in order for us to do that and also hit our targets and achieve our goals, I'm going to need more support from Will, because it's a high pressure time and we've got a lot to do.

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