UK Distribution Partner Profile - Moneycorp

July 07, 2021

Luke Walden for Moneycorp

Video Transcript

Speaker: Luke Walden, Corporate Partnerships - Senior Account Manager, Moneycorp

Who are Moneycorp?

Luke Walden: Moneycorp is one of the largest non-bank foreign exchange providers globally, servicing over 15,000 corporate clients and many, many more private individuals. We've been working alongside and assisting FD Centre clients for a number of years. We transact over £40 billion in client funds annually, and have been facilitating international payments since 1979. Moneycorp ultimately exist to save clients time and money on their cross-currency FX payments, as well as offering expert guidance on hedging solutions and mitigating risk. We do that by accessing a large panel of banking providers and our extensive team covering the full FX product suite from simple spot and forward contracts, through to more complex and bespoke currency option strategies. Moneycorp clients have access to a free multi-currency facility which includes an online platform from which clients can hold, trade, make and receive payments in a 100 currencies worldwide.

How does partnering with Moneycorp help my clients and me?

Luke Walden: Quite simply, we offer FD Centre clients the chance to review their FX costs via our FX Health Check and put together a bespoke FX policy which matches their cash flow requirements free of charge. This gives each client visibility and full understanding on how they can manage their FX exposure moving forward, making sure to protect their profit margins and bottom line.

How do I contact Moneycorp?

Luke Walden: Introducing a client couldn't be easier, but I always say that you know your client better than me, so whichever format you choose, I will adapt to. It may be a simple email introduction connecting us both or maybe setting up a call, Zoom, or face to face meeting. We also have a dedicated email address in place fdcentre@moneycorp.com whereby I will receive any inbound enquiries through that email address. Lastly, my direct contact details are luke.walden@moneycorp.com or 0203 823 0526 luke.walden@moneycorp.com or 0203 823 0526 luke.walden@moneycorp.com or 0203 823 0526 I'm happy to discuss any client with you, and/or hopefully speak to them in person in due course, and talk through their FX requirements and add as much value as possible.

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