Mark Winter on corporate finance support

July 19, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Winter, The CFO & FD Centre

Can you explain the work you're doing for Cotswold Transport Planning? (1 minute) Include intro from Mark & current projects to support him

Mark Winter: My work with this customer has been the classic, part-time FD services role that has meant helping the business to grow rapidly with good control and understanding, which means in practice, a lot of working capital management, cash flow, forecasting, etc. They've also shown a great appetite for mergers and acquisition type activity and that's why I contacted Sam.

Mark, was it an easy decision to introduce Sam into your client? (1 minute) To describe the thought process and value he brings

Mark Winter: It is always a difficult decision as to if and when to bring in another finance professional to assist the client in any context, and that certainly applies to corporate finance. In this case, once I had determined that the client was particularly interested in a potential exit five years or more out and was also interested in potential acquisitions along the way, my view was that I would serve the client's interests best by continuing to do what I was doing and also making available a good level of experience with corporate finance much greater than my own and that is what has happened. Sam has that experience and has also been able to bring to the table, pretty much straight away, a potential acquirer that would look at that sort of timeframe and not worry about it and that has been very useful and very much appreciated by the client.

Sam, when is the right time for a CFO to contact you about a client they're working with? (1 min) To cover - call whenever, never too early

Mark Winter:

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