Jeremy Rich for The CFO Centre Video Testimonials

December 20, 2022

Jeremy Rich- Berjak Group

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeremy Rich, CFO: Peter O'Sullivan

What would like to say to your CFO?

Jeremy Rich: I'd just like to say a big thank you to Peter. You've been a great support to us at The Berjak Group. We were facing a slowdown from the lockdowns from Covid 19. Whilst also needing to restructure and get a new group of accountants and financial consultants, to sort out our accounts we were going through some succession planning as well. We are now in the restructuring and rebuilding phase of the business. And thanks to Peter and his team, you know, we will refinance, restructure, Plus, he's been of assistance in allowing me to help look after my ageing parents who did start our family business some time ago. Personally, it has been absolutely brilliant to be able to rely on an external CFO who seems to care as much as many of our internal employees ever have. We've had numerous issues to contend with and having someone to answer the phone You know, weekends, evenings has just been above and beyond. So the number that really matters to me is a positive one. That's sustainable because those are the businesses that I hope so build on from my family's legacy in the past and ah organisations and people like Peter, are the ones that can help you do so. And once again, a big thank you.

What one or two big issues/untapped opportunities were you facing before we started working with you?

Jeremy Rich: Our two biggest issues were getting our accounts into order, into line so that we could restructure and refinance.

What have been the benefits the business specifically?

Jeremy Rich: our specific benefits have been to get a new bunch of accountants to be able to re balance the ship, so to speak. We had some issues. We've still trying to get them back into a good structure in order. But we are a long way down the track now. Thanks, To Peter and the group.

What have the benefits been to you personally?

Jeremy Rich: personally, my my parents founders of our family business. Have both suffered, some Pretty serious health setbacks in the last 12 months. And having Peter and his team of support there has allowed me to juggle better than I would have otherwise. Um, so thank you.

What is the number that really matters to you?

Jeremy Rich: the number that really matters to Me is a positive and sustainable number, one that enables for us to go back into growth and be sustainable because one of the things that I would like to focus the attention of our family's legacy businesses on is sustainability. Um, I was looking after her great childhood, so I'm hoping that people of future the Children also get to have a wonderful environments living as well.

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