Venla Kärki

February 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Venla Kärki, https://www.venlakarki.com/

Tell us what you were looking for in a method, and why you decided to enrol into RCT?

Venla Kärki: So what I was looking for in a method and why I decided to enrol with the centre of healing for an RCT practitioner course. So, um, I came across this as in Facebook ad and I was at the time I was I just had finished my mentoring studies and became a mentor, and I wanted to go deeper into how to help my patients or clients rather, um, to address their past experiences. And this seemed like something that was really profound, went deep and help people a lot. And so I contacted Melissa to talk more about it, and I was really happy with the support I got. And so I ended up enrolling.

Tell us a bit about how you found the training itself and what kind of results you have seen in yourself and others in sessions?

Venla Kärki: so the training itself was pretty easy. I found it so I could do it in my own pace. Um, whenever I felt I had to time and space. And then, um, at the end of listening to all the lectures and lessons, um, there was some practise sessions, and with the group, it was easy to find people to practise on. Um, and it was really nice to be practised on as well. Um, and so what kind of results? I have seen myself and others. So this really accelerated my growth. And my, um uh, you know, dealing with my past experiences and some of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. And so that's really kind of helped me, too. Level of my growth and just go get faster to the actual limiting beliefs the causes of, um, uh, patterns that I'm, you know, seeing in my day to day life. And the really nice thing about this is that sometimes one session is enough to just really make a huge difference in my clients. Um, I've seen people who have gotten rid of their back pain and people who just, um I felt a lot more comfortable in their own skin afterwards. And you know, most people get a lot of how experiences during the sessions, and there's a lot of learnings that come from that. And then there's the face of integrating all that to your day to day. It really does go deep and really does help you a lot, too. Um, find out the root causes.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking one of the trainings at TCFH, particularly RCT?

Venla Kärki: So if you're someone thinking about, um, taking one of the trainings with the centre of healing or well, in particular growth course therapy, Um, I definitely recommend it. Um, it's there's a lot of support, the same monthly support call. So, you know, and the Facebook groups, you can always ask questions. You get a lot of answers, you get the experience of other practitioners and other students, and it's the lessons were very clear. And the script provided it helps you to get started right away, even if you have never done anything similar before. So I find it quite low threshold to jump into practising it. So yeah, definitely recommend.

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