Root-Cause Therapy Review - Sophie Little

February 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Tell us what you were looking for in a method, and why you decided on studying RCT?

I decided to enrol in the RCT programme with the centre of healing because I found it after completing or midway completing my NLP coaching course and I just felt like there was something missing. Like NLP is a great modality. But I just I wanted something that connected a little bit more deeper and had a bit more of a spiritual aspect and, um got quicker results. And when I started, when I found records therapy and I started learning about the modality and also getting healing for myself and experiencing it, I knew that I had found the modality that really had a massive impact. And, you know, it is such a beautiful healing. And it is so quick in how you can get results for people in as little as one session. You can be clearing up to three limiting beliefs, and I just found that really amazing

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