Rachael Marie Greany for Root-Cause Therapy Review

February 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachael Marie Greany, facebook.com/dragonflybluealive

Tell us what you were looking for in a method, and why you decided to enrol into RCT

Rachael Marie Greany: hi, everyone and R C t. And my journey to R C t. So thank you for Mel and Ryan. I have been looking for a course like this was such a long time, my own traumas and dealing with things Through the years, I knew that there was something better and I wanted to experience that I've done talk therapy, but for me personally, you can only relive something so many times before you all talked out and it just doesn't go deep enough. So through my own healing journeys, I really passionately wanted to be able to bring something to people that could help them release and have a healthier, happier, healthier life way before I did. So if I can bring something to people so R c t. I think I found it on Facebook. I did some research about it, and I just loved the way that Mel delivers how she delivers. I can study in my own time, and everything is in language that I understand. I'm no academic, but I know what I'm good at. And I wanted to be able to connect to people and help them with their struggles. So just the way that the healing centre offer their courses. It's self paced. It's easy to understand. Any time I've asked a question, it's always answered promptly and just Mel is so down to earth and that's what I connect with. Um, there's no fluffy nous. It's just this is how it is and it's just fantastic. I love it.

Tell us a bit about how you found the training itself and what kind of results you have seen in yourself and others in sessions?

Rachael Marie Greany: I really enjoyed the training because I can do it in my own time and I can redo. So I've found sometimes that a particular module has been so interesting or I haven't quite grasped it. So I can keep watching it and keep taking my own notes until it sinks in or until I understand, Um, the training is just delivered in such a way that I understand it's not big words that I can't understand. I'm not a wordsmith myself, so I just really resonate with the delivery of the course that it being self paced and I have been on anti depressant tablets since menopause started. So probably about five years, four or five years now, and I'm no longer on them. I find things that used to trigger me and used to really set me off. Don't do that anymore, and it's purely the training that I've been the inner healing that I've been doing within myself. And the biggest thing is is being that there's always new students coming up. It's really awesome to help them, and when I'm giving sessions on them, I'm helping myself and in return they're giving sessions on me so it's It's constantly this rotating door of giving each other's healing sessions. And every time I give or receive a session, it's really helped. And I just people that I used to work with anywhere from 12 months ago to five years ago. Just look at me and go, What has changed with you? You're so relaxed, you look different. You don't look up tight and I feel I feel so much better now. I'm not getting triggered. I'm not jumping to my own defence. I'm not looking for people's approval and it's a beautiful thing. I just I can't I don't have the words to tell you how much I have loved this and how much I have changed because of the study I have done because of the group's support. And I've met some amazing other students who have just really touched me and have helped heal. So it's just all round. I can't recommend RCT enough. The study sessions. It's just fantastic and the support, the support is just amazing, like I've never, ever experienced. You don't have to wait days or weeks for someone to get back to you. It's just amazing. Thank you

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking one of the trainings at TCFH, particularly RCT?

Rachael Marie Greany: for anyone that is looking into RCT and in particular, the centre for Healing. I highly recommend it. I did look at other courses. The cost was phenomenal, and it did take me a couple of years to find The Centre for Healing. And I'm so blessed that I did not only in my own journey and how it's continually helping me heal. But the changes that I've seen in other people since I've been able to bring RCT into their lives, it's truly amazing. It's remarkable and just the love that I find I have for myself and for others now and the empathy, it's just truly remarkable. Um, if you're thinking about it, I would do it. End of story. Um, a few of the courses I paid upfront other courses. I went on a payment plan because I couldn't quite afford it straight up. But I'm really, really glad that I'm doing the payment plan because I can continue my studies. I can keep that momentum and each course I do. It just keeps reiterating what I learned in the last course, and it's just making everything clearer, and there's so many more courses that I want to do so. If you are looking at the Centre for Healing and you do want to get into RCT, whether it's just for your own healing or whether you want to bring it out into your community, don't worry about looking anywhere else because this is amazing. Mel and Ryan are fantastic. The community, the support that you will get from other students. It's just it's beautiful, It truly is. And I'm not ever really one for group support and things. But this is, um it's really touched me. It's amazing. So I can't say enough. Don't worry about looking anywhere else because everything that you will need will be in here. And don't just stop at one course because, honestly, I'm so glad I didn't I'm so glad I went on those payment plans. I'm so glad that I have kept studying because it's just making my understanding deeper and deeper, and I'm finding that with my own clients, I can now help them more and more, So go for it. You will not regret it. It's amazing and enjoy the journey. It's worth it

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