Jacqui Hutton for Root-Cause Therapy Review

February 13, 2023

RCT Review

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jacqui Hutton, Therapist, Hutton Therapy

Tell us what you were looking for in and why you decided to enrol into RCT

Jacqui Hutton: Yeah, I had already studied other therapies such as NLP Therapy, hypnotherapy and quite a lot of just coaching courses. And so I was actually already seeing clients. The reason I decided to go ahead with root cause therapy is with these clients out that I was seeing. I got them results and it was great. I got them to a certain point, and I wanted to be able to facilitate the sessions and help clients to reach that next level, to keep progressing with their life, to keep achieving their goals. And that's why I came and decided to do root cause therapy because to build on the knowledge already had and make the sessions even better for my clients.

Tell us a bit about how you found the training itself and what kind of results you have seen in yourself and others in sessions?

Jacqui Hutton: So I found the course really easy, laid out. It was easy to follow. It's got all the information you need. Plus is also live Q and A's every month where you can actually speak to them and ask them questions and get your questions answered. And there's also all these extra protocols, all these extra videos and resources, this Facebook group that's super interactive and everyone's really helpful in there. And I've just found learning it just an absolute breeze and then with them results. So I started using it and got results straight away. No joke. So I used it in specific people that come to mind. Keeping it confidential is I had people that had lifelong trauma to the point where it affected their work. They felt like they couldn't even leave the house and affected every relationship. And after a session, I got an email being like you absolutely changed my life like I feel so much better just after a session. And then later that week, she came out again, saying she still feels better. It lasted that whole week, and then the next session that I had with her, she even told me how her daughter even noticed the improvements. So this is just amazing how it's like lifelong trauma and how I mean, of course, it's important to get multiple sessions. But how? Just doing one session of RCT can change your life. And then so that was one client and then another client. I've had a lot of clients with relationship problems, Um, especially after a breakup, and they're really just, um, struggling with that. So we just worked on that trauma and releasing it and same thing. I got these follow up messages and text messages and I still get emails like, six months later to this date, um, of people, the same clients messaging me just gratitude. And it's beautiful because that's the industry that I want to be in helping people and helping them to get these amazing results.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking one of the trainings at TCFH, particularly RCT?

Jacqui Hutton: What I did is I just followed my gut feeling, and if you feel like it's right for you, if you feel like it's going to help you and your clients just go ahead and do it like there's nothing wrong with learning more, and from my experience, this is just transform my sessions and made them even better for me experiencing it and for all of my clients.

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