Tom Test Needham for The Business Journals Advertiser Video Testimonials

February 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tom Test Needham, Director, Content Studio, ACBJ

Please introduce yourself and share why you chose The Business Journals as your advertising partner.

Tom Test Needham: I chose The Business Journals because I knew their marketing department is top notch and I wanted to work with the best.

Tell us about your recent advertising campaign and your company's goals for this program.

Tom Test Needham: Our goal was to reach as many business executives in the Charlotte area as we could, and we knew that working with The Charlotte Business Journal and the Content Studio would help us do that.

How did this campaign work for your company? Did you gain brand awareness, obtain new leads or increase business? We'd love to hear more!

Tom Test Needham: We got many phone calls. We also got a lot of emails and probably about 200 or so downloads of an e-book on our website, so, yes, it was very, very successful.

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