Kerin McCarthy for The Business Journals Advertiser Video Testimonials

February 08, 2023

Sample video testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kerin McCarthy, VP Marketing, XYZ Company

Please introduce yourself and share why you chose The Business Journals as your advertising partner.

Kerin McCarthy: Hi, I'm Kern McCarthy with XYZ Company, and I chose The Business Journals for our recent advertising campaign because our company is launching a new B2B product, and I knew we needed to get in front of your audience of business decision makers.

Tell us about your recent advertising campaign and your company's goals for this program.

Kerin McCarthy: Our campaign was focused mainly on branded content that we ran with the Charlotte Business Journal site, and it positioned us as experts in the software space for the product we're launching next month. Our goals were to generate buzz for this product launch, and also to generate enough interest to get people to fill out a form so we have leads to follow up on when the product does launch.

How did this campaign work for your company? Did you gain brand awareness, obtain new leads or increase business? We'd love to hear more!

Kerin McCarthy: The campaign was a huge success for us. We received more leads than we expected. Our sales people are busy getting, inbound phone calls from current clients wanting to hear more. And, right now we're, we're in talks with The Business Journals about how to continue this campaign once the product launches next month, and, keeping the momentum going.

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