BAAR Chiropratric ERC Testimonial

February 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: RALPH PEREZ, Beans Corp LLC

Why did my business qualify for the ERC ?

BB: And why didn't claim it on my own? My business qualified for the ERC Credit because basically as a chiropractor, I was deemed essential. But my office actually has other ancillary services, such as acupuncture and massage after losing acupuncture massage because of the shutdown. Because they weren't considered, you know non essential. That actually put my business in a bind literally for months on end. I wasn't able to recoup those fees until we heard about the ERC Or the employee retention credit from Business Concierge Team

BB@: Being able to show those losses from quarter to quarter allowed me to qualify and get a good amount of those funds back, which allowed my company to float into that next era since that I've been able to basically double my business, increase my growth and actually add a second location. All because this extra money was able to be funneled back to me from the government. Without Business Concierge Team, I would have never actually received those funds.

Why did I not file it on my own?

I didn't try claiming it on my own because I had nowhere to go. I had no idea where to start, especially with the PPP stuff, the payroll protection I was actually denied payroll protection and it's mostly because I was too late, didn't have the information at my fingertips. But once being on the phone with Business Concierge Team, they explained everything to me in detail. Not only why I qualified the specific reasons why I qualified and specifically the amount that I could receive if I filed.

How long did it take me to get my funds and what was the process like?

The process with the ERC And Larissa was fantastic. They worked with me directly one on one. I was really easy for me to get in touch with them on the phone through email and basically I connected directly with my CPA To get them all the proper documents they needed to follow the claim at the time of the manner if it wasn't for that. I think it proper a lot of work on my plate. Considering all the other stuff that was going on with my company at the time, it was great to have a team like that behind me working behind the scenes nonstop keeping me updated weekly with phone calls and emails. Communication was key and I think that's exactly why I went with Business Concierge Team.

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