Samantha Lendo for Nutrition Program Review

October 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Samantha Lendo

What made this program or coaching experience worth it to you?

Samantha Lendo: This program was worth it to me because I really learned that there's not a perfect time to start your weight last journey. And if I hadn't started with Britt when I did, I would have forever been waiting for the right the right time or or more free time or you know, when things settled down. But instead I started in the middle of summer while I was on a road trip in a trailer with like 10 other people. So this just really showed me not just with weight loss and nutrition, but with everything in life, that there's never going to be a perfect time, that if you want something, you really just have to go for it.

Describe your ‘aha’ moment in the program or with coaching in general? (that moment everything clicked)

Samantha Lendo: my Aha moment and this isn't going to be everyone's um, but my Aha moment was when I started going to the gym regularly and actually doing weights and I was going with some other people, I was going like super early in the morning and it just made me feel so good and um, you know, getting, getting waking up early and getting that morning sunrise and um, it made it easier I think to, to do the nutritional aspect when I was also felt like I was getting stronger and felt that like really good soreness, you know, and, and felt like I had a better handle on my day as a whole. So that was my Aha moment.

What would you tell a best friend about the program or working with Britt?

Samantha Lendo: the most important thing that I would tell someone else who's going to start working with Britt and I have people that I know that I've started working with her because I told them about her um is that it's bread is going to be there every step of the way. Um But like anything in life where you're being coached or taught, you have to want it and she will call you on it if you are not putting in the work and so go into this knowing that this is your journey, that you will get out of it, what you put into it, that you are worth putting in the work to get the results that you want. Because Britt is going to show you a safe and healthy way of doing them.

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