Matthew Burmester for Nutrition Program Review

October 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matthew Burmester

What made this program or coaching experience worth it to you?

Matthew Burmester: During this program with Britt was a perfect opportunity for me to uh, finish adjusting to my out of the Navy life, uh, totally new work routine that had different demands on my body, physically, a different amount of activity and uh, also new flexibility to control my diet as far as what I had available and what I could take in. Um, it was worth it for me because I got to try out some new things. I had accountability and uh, it helped me be successful with new ideas on how to meet my goals while still being available for students here at the school that I work at and my family at home.

Describe your ‘aha’ moment in the program or with coaching in general? (that moment everything clicked)

Matthew Burmester: For me, the Aha moment when everything started to really get moving was when I realized that I could hit my macro goals by being flexible and treating the week as a bank. And while I wanted to be as close as I could, each day, one day being slightly derailed in the area, in either direction, over or under didn't make the week. I got to still adjust and do what I needed to do. And, and that made things less stressful from a tracking standpoint and more achievable as we, uh, move between home life and social life.

What would you tell a best friend about the program or working with Britt?

Matthew Burmester: if I was telling my best friend about this program, uh in hopes that they would do it or recommending it, I would tell them they need to be ready for accountability. They need to be ready to ask hard questions about how they got to their situation or why they're not willing to make changes if they struggle in areas. Uh and they need to be re really at the point where they're ready to make long lasting changes. This isn't a quick fix, It isn't, it isn't meant to be, it's meant to teach you how to be successful over the long term without a need for coaching. After you go to the program. Um And uh that kind of educational approach is different and the long lasting um approach, it takes longer to get results and you gotta be willing to stick to it. And um I guess that's the most important thing. If you're not ready to commit, um then uh you're not ready to better yourself.

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