Lindsey Simmons for Nutrition Program Review

October 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lindsey Simmons

What made this program or coaching experience worth it to you?

Lindsey Simmons: This program was worth it to me because of the one on one coaching aspect. Even though you're in a group type setting. Um, the community support was also very important. Um, I found that it was very encouraging to be in a program where other people are experiencing the same thing that you are experiencing and just to have that support and lifting up from other people is important, as well as brits, one on one, attention to detail with your own progress. Um, I thought those things made this program worth it.

Describe your ‘aha’ moment in the program or with coaching in general? (that moment everything clicked)

Lindsey Simmons: I think one of my Aha moments was in the mindset aspect, um, behind eating clean and weight loss. Um, As a mom of young Children, I was finding millions of excuses to not complete things or not do things and really honed in on the 80 20 rule. So you know, 80% of the time hitting, your tracking your ex. exercising your sleep and your stress goals. Um, and that 20 other 20% of the time to give yourself some grace and not everything happens perfectly every day, but as long as you're putting in that effort along the way, Um, you will see results. And honestly, I think that was one of the biggest takeaways from me because even after the program that 8020 mindset has really stuck in for me and I have continued to see my healthy habits form and my weight dropped as well.

What would you tell a best friend about the program or working with Britt?

Lindsey Simmons: I would tell a best friend to take the plunge. What do you have to lose? Right. The only thing that can come out of this program is positive, positive in changing your mindset, positive changes in your body, positive changes in your eating habits. Um, while it does require effort on your side, where it's going to be there, step by step to support you and help you along the way, and like I said, what do you have to lose?

Lindsey Simmons: I would tell a friend to take the plunge and do it, Brett likes to say nothing changes. If nothing changes, right. And in this program, the only types of changes you are going to see are positive changes. Even if you don't necessarily hit every single one of your goals, The things that you are going to get out of this program are going to be positive and to help you in the future, um positive changes in your mindset, positive changes in your physical activity, positive changes in um your body, positive changes in your eating habits. All of those things are going to help create a healthier you and why not? What do you have to lose?

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