Shawna Suckow, The Best Keynote Ever

May 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Shawna Suckow, CSP, Speaker

Shawna Suckow, CSP: Hi, my name is Shawna Sukow and I am a speaker and I study consumer behavior and sales and marketing and differentiation and all of the latest tools that will help you stand out and build trust and become more memorable, so that when your potential customers have a need, they think of you.

What will you be speaking about at the ALA Conference?

Shawna Suckow, CSP: So I'm delivering two sessions at the conference this year. The first one is for Women in Lighting and my session is called "The Most Unique Keynote Ever." You can be the judge of that, but I'm not just going to be talking at you. We are going to have some fantastic small group conversations where you are going to get to share your brilliance and your challenges and talk about your best takeaways from the conference and what you hope to learn or who you hope to meet throughout the rest of the conference. And then I help you to hold others accountable as well as yourself so that you take the actions you want.

Shawna Suckow, CSP: I'm going, are you?

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