Naidu M for The Algorists Customer Success Stories

December 18, 2022

The Algorists Customer Success Stories

Video Transcript

Speaker: Naidu M, Customer of System Design, Low Level Design and DSA courses since 2022

Please introduce yourself and tell us your experience about using TheAlgorists.com platform.

Naidu M: Hi my name is Naidu. I have more than 13 years of experience. I'm working at the Principal Software Engineer at a FinTech startup based out of Bangalore, India. I was looking for resources to enhance my low level design and high level design skills. As I started exploring various resources available, both paid and free resources on internet, most of the resources like either structure and in depth discussion about that particular concept. That's where I was looking for some well structured resources. That's where I came to know about TheAlgorists.com and I was following it from quite some time and I found it really really useful. I have learned a lot of things from both LLD, and System Design too. A lot of usecases were covered along with the design in detail with code snippets, close to 40 plus. Uh designs were discussed as far as LLD LLD LLD And I found it was really really helpful in terms of discussion. Every detail was like you learned something out of each discussion. Each discussion from the tutorial. A lot of differences were powered with the design itself. The system design course was pretty good. It starts with the fundamentals of distributed systems like CAP Theorem, Bloom Filter, Consistent Hashing, Distributed Database Pub Sub model than back of the envelope calculations and let it follows with design discussions of various systems like Amazon, TinyURL, Unique ID and few more HLD designs were discussed in that course after going through the tutorials, I found it really helpful and it helped me to enhance my skills as an engineer

How long have you been a customer of ours? Which products did you use? What did you like the best about our products?

Naidu M: I have been using TheAlgorists' products from the last two and a half months. I was using Algorithms, LLD, HLD products from TheAlgorists.com And the best thing about the product is the Structure and the Depth, which they cover each concept and each design.

What is your goal? What has been the result so far from using our products? What were the benefits?

Naidu M: I was looking to enhance my design skills, especially low level design. High level. I was following various resources. But later I came to know about TheAlgorists.com LLD and HLD courses of TheAlgorists.com pretty good. Now I haven't gone through all the designs but what are the designs I have gone through I found them really useful. Every design was discussed in detail and the structure was organized. I would say everything was covered from assuming you don't have any idea on that concept. And it was called from the basic to the advanced level, all that is required.

How would you describe our courses in three words?

Naidu M: The course is pretty good and well organized. I find it's pretty much relevant to whether a beginner or a fresher with one or two experience or even an experienced guy will get benefit out of this course.

Would you recommend our products to a friend or a colleague?

Naidu M: I would highly recommend this course to any of my colleagues and my friends. I found it like you will be improving your problem solving skills and design skills, both LLD and HLD concepts as well.

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