Kaleem for The Algorists Customer Success Stories

December 18, 2022

The Algorists Customer Success Stories

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kaleem, Customer of TheAlgorist.com since 2021

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your experience using our products.

Kaleem: Okay, hi, my name is Kaleem. I've had an amazing opportunity exploring the course by Abhishek Dey on TheAlgorist.com data structure and algorithm. And I have had amazing learning opportunities using this course.

How long have you been a customer of ours? Which product did you use?What did you like the best about our products?

Kaleem: I used the data structures and algorithms course for over 6-8 months, and what I like the most about the product about the course is it focuses on the fundamental concepts, uh, and in depth understanding of the underlying principles of the data structures and algorithm, and not just about not just about short tricks and simple solutions.

What has been the result so far from using our products? What were the benefits?

Kaleem: So my results about taking this course uh, is that I, for the first time I saw something which picked my mind. That is, it focuses on the fundamentals about thinking, really, it's it's very exciting and I learned the that it's not just about memorizing the templates and the syntax, but it's about building that instinct and building that understanding that is essential to solve problems.

How would you describe our courses in three words?

Kaleem: Easy Enough and Worth It.

Would you recommend our products to a friend or a colleague?

Kaleem: I highly recommend this course to my colleagues and all the people in the domain of computer science to take this.

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