Helin Geleri for The Algorists Customer Success Stories

December 19, 2022

The Algorists Customer Success Stories

Video Transcript

Speaker: Helin Geleri, Customer of TheAlgorist.com (Data Structures and Algorithms course) since 2022

Please introduce yourself and tell us your experience about using our product: TheAlgorist.com

Helin Geleri: Hello everybody. My name is Selene and I am a student senior majoring in control and automation engineering in Istanbul Technical University and I love coding and experiencing new um data structures as I didn't have any prior experience with the data structures and algorithms before. Um I was introduced to the algorithms um both the Youtube channel and the website. I think it's one of the greatest platforms I've ever used for data structures, but not only that also front end engineering. I'm not into that, but I also enjoyed so much of their contents.

How long have you been using our platform? What did you like the best about our products?

Helin Geleri: I have been using the TheAlgorists platform for over three months. I can say that it's been four months already and I wish that I could use this platform every day so that I don't have to go to school because you know at school they don't teach you the useful stuff only you do um some nerdy stuff. Um I like the systems engineering and data structures and algorithms um products at most at that at this platform because they were so useful and I was into cloud computing and I can say what I liked. The best about this product is they're so self explanatory that I don't have to go over another source. So the TheAlgorist was the platform that I have been looking for so far.

What is your goal? What has been the result so far from using our products? What were the benefits?

Helin Geleri: Actually, my goal is currently um to become one of the best software engineers in my country, but not only that, but also being a successful entrepreneur as a tech um company. The results are so great that I really would like to share the results with all my student peers. It's been only four months when I started using this platform, but I can say that I didn't have any knowledge about what is the data structure or what was the Dijkstra's algorithm for example. But after I used this platform, I can say that um my technical interviews were so great. Before using this platform, I didn't even get a chance to um have an interview with one of the tech companies, but now I can like even decline their received offers. And I also know that the algorithms platform have tech prep interview, um boot camp or something, and I really want to try that out too.

How would you describe our courses in three words?

Helin Geleri: If I were to describe the algorithm courses in three words, there would definitely be one Enlightening um two Heuristic and lastly it's Change Maker.

Would you recommend our products?

Helin Geleri: This is a shout out to all my student engineering friends. Do you want to excel at logic and programming skills? Or do you want to crack the interview at your dream company or you are a lifelong learner, but you get bored easily when it comes to programming. Congratulations. You have found your actual platform, you have been looking so far, and if I did this, you can do it too.

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