Rob Adams for Non-Profit Partner Testimonials

November 09, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rob Adams

How did you come to get involved with Thanksgiving Heroes?

Rob Adams: Well, I got involved with thanksgiving's Heroes because someone did it for my family, I did it um one year with the intention of doing it one year and um it's continued to grow. People have continued to want to do it and so we've continued to do it. I got involved with thanksgiving's Heroes by accident, I had no intention of starting a charity um A 503 C with receipts and Budgets and all of the things that go along with it. I just thought I'm gonna feed 10 families and it has grown into this amazing, crazy, wonderful experience. And so that's how I got involved.

How would you describe the main impact of Thanksgiving Heroes?

Rob Adams: How would I describe the impact? Well, we're feeding families and it's more than food. It's about the hope. It's about delivering hope and it's about family serving families. It's about um people thinking about more than just themselves for a second, getting out of their own head, getting out of their own way. I think it's impacted me that way quite a bit. I am just like any other human, probably selfish, I think about rob all the time and this makes me think about other people. It forces me to be selfless rather than selfish and it's made me a better dad and a husband and probably a real estate agent, probably an all around better person.

What is your favorite thing about The Big Day?

Rob Adams: Oh man, my favorite thing about the big day that is easy is I get to see all of the people that I haven't seen this year. Um Everyone's in a good mood, everyone is focused on serving and everybody is happy to be there. It's like uh it's the big day because We're gonna feed 3000 families and everyone's coming through, they're excited to do, so everyone's excited to be there. It's the only thing that I do all year long where every single person is excited to be a part of it from top to bottom.

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