Kris Bowen for Non-Profit Partner Testimonials

November 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kris Bowen

How did you come to get involved with Thanksgiving Heroes?

Kris Bowen: I got involved with thanksgiving heroes through superman himself, rob Adams and rob a and I worked at the same real estate brokerage and he said, Hey chris, would you like to feed 10 families for thanksgiving? I have this nonprofit, I'd love to tell you all about it. So he told me about it. He told me was a very touching story and you could just see and rob's eyes and how passionate he was about this cause, which really is contagious. I was excited. I still am today. This is my fifth year doing this with thanksgiving heroes and it fills my cup every year. And so I love thanksgiving heroes and I'm excited for the future with it.

How would you describe the main impact of Thanksgiving Heroes?

Kris Bowen: when I started volunteering for Thanksgiving Heroes about five years ago, I figured the biggest benefit of this charity makes. The biggest impact this charity makes is all those families to get fed. But what I soon realized after the first time that I delivered food myself was that it wasn't just the families that benefit tremendously from this, but the the feeling that you get that you're actually helping someone and there's not, there's not many charities out there where you can have this type of interaction with the people that you're actually helping handing that food off directly to that family in need is something that is a feeling that you just you hold forever and that's why a lot of people come back and back every year and make thanksgiving heroes a part of their family tradition, because it does. There's not that many opportunities to to feel like this and also see the impact that you're making. So that's I think that's the bigger impact that thanksgiving Heroes has made. And I'm excited to see where we're heading the future.

What is your favorite thing about The Big Day?

Kris Bowen: My favorite thing about the Big Day is absolutely hearing all the stories that all the volunteer the thanksgiving heroes share with us. So the text messages, the voicemails, the facebook message and telling us the story of how their family delivered, delivered to another family and got to serve them to me. That's my favorite part of the big Day.

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