Kellie A Stone for Non-Profit Partner Testimonials

November 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kellie A Stone

How did you come to get involved with Thanksgiving Heroes?

Kellie A Stone: I became involved with thanksgiving heroes several years ago. I started out one day just as a volunteer, and then I became a committee member and then a committee chair and then on the executive board. And today I served as the VP and I have loved every moment of every year of all the families we've served and helped and all the growth that we've been a part of.

How would you describe the main impact of Thanksgiving Heroes?

Kellie A Stone: Thanksgiving Heroes has an impact in so many ways. It impacts the families, obviously that we feed and help that might not otherwise have amazing thanksgiving meal for themselves, but it impacts all of our volunteers as well. My family included my daughters and I serve every single year on the Big Day, and it changes their lives, and it changes the way that other families think about their own blessings. It impacts us all in different ways, but it impacts us all in several ways.

What is your favorite thing about The Big Day?

Kellie A Stone: My favorite part of the big day is seeing all of our friends and family and community members come out and volunteer and give up their saturday this saturday before thanksgiving to donate their time and help feed other families. Seeing my daughters, they're hustling working their butts off to make sure things run smoothly. Always brings a big smile to my face, but I love seeing the same people year after year. I love seeing the new people come for the first time. We get to hug on everyone, reunite for a fabulous cause, take pictures and just share that spirit of gratitude. It makes the hard work that we do all year long, completely worth it. And knowing at the end of the day, 3000 families of five will eat because of our efforts. It's amazing. There's nothing like it.

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