Jesse Angeles for Non-Profit Partner Testimonials

November 09, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jesse Angeles

How did you come to get involved with Thanksgiving Heroes?

Jesse Angeles: I came to know thanksgiving heroes um about two years ago, rob Adams is a good friend of mine and he came to me and I just wanted to be enthusiastic looking for help in every way and the message and the story that he shared about his youth and things that had happened to him and knowing I had come from a place of poverty too was what struck a very very strong chord with me. Um I know what it's like to be without, I know what it's like to be in poverty and I know what it's like when other people reach out and give you a hand. So with thanksgiving heroes I'm so proud and glad that they are here in Utah and around the U. S. Because without them there would be less hope, there'd be less humanity. And that's why I consider myself a thanksgiving hero.

How would you describe the main impact of Thanksgiving Heroes?

Jesse Angeles: the impact that thanksgiving heroes provides is hope. As these families during this time of year, feel less and less like they can keep pushing forward or that nobody understands and the day by day it's on, it's by themselves, it's them against the world when a family is able to deliver, um, this whole meal that will last them for thanksgiving and days after the look on their faces is absolutely heartwarming and it gives them a feeling of hope. You can see it on their face and beyond the food. That's that's great. But it's the feeling of that someone cares out there and they don't even know him. And that actually brings more of a strong community and humanity to what thanksgiving heroes does.

What is your favorite thing about The Big Day?

Jesse Angeles: My favorite thing about the big day is seeing the line of cars that are coming in with these smiling, happy faces kids sometimes in the back. But the cool part is when we, there's three meals that you're able to take with you right as an individual. But so many want to take more and that amazing feeling of that everybody is gathering together to do some service for the community and they want to do more. I've heard so many things about the big day where people show up year after year and they're just so excited, want to take more meals and are happy to see everybody there. They love seeing rob Adams, happy face with those red sunglasses, those red glasses, almost sunglasses and it just, it's just cool to see people Getting together and helping one another.

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