Maria Paspuel for Thank You For Being A Thanksgiving Hero!

November 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maria Paspuel

Please tell us the most meaningful experience you had while delivering meals to those in need.

Maria Paspuel: The most meaningful experience I had while being a thanksgiving hero is going and like the doors opening and just seeing the faces of the people like how grateful they are and then just like the kids coming over and hugging you and um and they're just grateful that you know, they have a thanksgiving.

Add any love or messages or gratitude you'd like to share.

Maria Paspuel: I'm grateful for thanksgiving heroes because they're making a difference in our community and helping those people that are having a hard time. And and I don't know if they're where their next meal is coming from, but they know that they have this meal for thanksgiving, that they can share with their family and now that it just gives them hope that better things are coming ahead and it's thanks for in order to provide that for them.

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