Gloria Salazar for Thank You For Being A Thanksgiving Hero!

November 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gloria Salazar

Please tell us the most meaningful experience you had while delivering meals to those in need.

Gloria Salazar: We volunteer every year thanksgiving heroes. And it has been a family tradition now to come and help and it's such a sorry, my makeup. I just had a great experience with one of the, of the families that we stopped by and dropped the meals. They have lost their child three months ago. So they were really going through a lot. And I know there is a lot of people that are going through hardships right now and we don't know and it's so nice not only the meal, but then that they know that somebody cares about them and there's somebody nominating them uh, and love them and that we care enough to come and bring a meal and thanks to thanksgiving heroes. But this is something that it has to keep going and going and um, is especially for the community, especially for the volunteers and especially for the people that are receiving the meals. So thank you and I'll be here always and the same with my family.

Gloria Salazar: it has been great to um volunteer for thanksgiving Heroes. We have been doing every year with my family. This has been like a family tradition And it's just experiences and the people that we meet that makes this worth it. I just had an experience with one of the families, their grandchild. And of course the child died three months ago. She was only 10, 10 years old. So she was sharing. And of course we were crying because you know, you never know what people are going through, especially in these holidays. And um and the meal is important for thanksgiving. But most I think the most important thing too is knowing that somebody in the community care about them to nominate them. That um you know that somebody loves them enough to put their name for all the information and get uh get that meal. So it is more than just the food. Uh so thank you thanksgiving heroes. I think you're making a big difference and I'm a little bit emotional because I just had that experience. But Thanks for what you do and keep doing it. And I hope people keep contributing and we keep helping. And this will be 3000 families that will help in. But that it will be much, much more. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to volunteer

Add any love or messages or gratitude you'd like to share.

Gloria Salazar: Thank you guys for everything that you do. It makes, makes a big difference in the community. Big difference for each person that received the meals. I feel so grateful to be part of this and keep going. We will all be cheering for you and of course donating love you guys.

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