Elizabeth Green for Thanksgiving Heroes - Video or Audio Testimonial

November 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Green

Please share your favorite experience with Thanksgiving Heroes!

Elizabeth Green: I am a single mother with three Children living on one income. I spent my last $50 Saturday on groceries and whatever change was left in the gas tank, praying to God that we make it to the next paycheck in a week praying that we have some kind of relief for the holidays, asking for my son to get something as simple as a pumpkin pie that he's been wishing for. And sure enough, here comes the thanksgiving heroes and they brought us pumpkin pie. They brought us a turkey that will not only last one night, but will last us for several days as my Children are on thanksgiving vacation and we have no friends and no family to turn to. So I thank you, I thank you for your support and I thank you for the food that will provide many meals for my Children in the days to come before my paycheck.

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