Thank You For Being A Thanksgiving Hero!

November 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Please tell us the most meaningful experience you had while delivering meals to those in need.

the experience of assisting thanksgiving heroes. one of the most emotional experiences that I have had in the assistance of those who are in need. My son and I were assigned to a home, which when we drove up, we weren't sure that it was being lived in at the time. The front part of the house, around the roof area was totally missing. There were a few boards that you could tell used to be in place there, but you knew that the home, if there was someone in it, it was very cold, there's no insulation As we knocked on the door, a woman answered and we explained who we were and what we were doing. Um She was surprised we had not called in advance because there was no phone number given to us to call her. So it was a surprise for her to even see us. She lived in a small home. Um there was a lot of blankets and things strewn around the room and her I suppose grandson was sitting on the couch with blankets covering him trying to keep warm. Um They were in a desperate need. She explained to us that two weeks before we came, her son had passed away and we suspect that it was his son that was living with grandma. Um she was very grateful for what we gave her. She expressed that to us verbally and then as we went back out to our car, she followed us and in tears told us how much that food meant to her and we asked her if we could give her a hug to help her through this, she gratefully accepted and we embraced in in tears for the blessings that she had received. The results of this experience has um made my son and I determined to assist her at christmas time. We haven't decided exactly how, but probably again in a way that she doesn't know where it came from, who it came from. And she's um given a few of the things that she stands in need of mostly we know that her, the day that we deliver the food she had received that day, a bill from the hospital for her son stay there and she was in tears knowing she didn't have the money to pay it and she didn't know where she was going to get it. This experience has been a life changing experience for me. I have realized how much need there is out there for assistance and realized just how much um I have that I can give to others that are in need. Thank you so much for this experience. And I look forward to next year

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