TFX Introduces Liz O'Brien

July 26, 2022

TFX Capital is pleased to introduce and welcome Liz O'Brien as Principal and Chief of Staff

Video Transcript

Speakers: Elizabeth L O'Brien, Principal/Chief of Staff, TFX Capital. Brandon Shelton, Managing Partner

Brandon Shelton: At TFX Capital, we have been working hard over recent years to continue to prove our thesis that the best entrepreneurs, the most investable, most impactful, come from those who have served. I'm proud to announce that as part of our overall growth plans this year, we're now excited to announce our first principal hire, Liz O'Brien. Liz, coming from the D.C. area as a former athlete, coach, government leader, tech CEO, mom, and a military spouse. TFX has known Liz for many years and we've always been impressed with her leadership, her empathy and her integrity. Liz's operator mindset and alignment of shared values make her the ideal athlete to bring on board now, as TFX Capital accelerates. I am proud to announce Liz O'Brien as Principal and Chief of Staff. So please take a minute and meet Liz.

Let's Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth L O'Brien: Hi, I'm Elizabeth O'Brien and I'm excited to share that I've joined the team at TFX Capital as a Principal and Chief of Staff.

Elizabeth L O'Brien: My journey to TFX Capital really began five years ago when I served on the U.S. Small Business Administration's Veterans Business Advisory Council with Brandon Shelton. And it was there that I learned about TFX Capital and the model that he had created that backs military veterans and national security leaders who are founders. These are people that we know already thrive in uncertain environments with high rates of success. So for me as a military spouse, it truly resonated with me as I dove more deeply into this model that TFX Capital is. Venture capital that extends beyond investment dollars, provides coaching and networking opportunities and the operational success that's built around these companies that ultimately propels our service driven founders forward towards success, creating a culture where failures are not planned, they're not accepted. And all of those pieces for me aligned from a mission perspective. So the idea that I could come in and have the opportunity to be a force multiplier to provide network driven support to both the founders and the operations of TFX Capital was an opportunity that I couldn't pass on.

What's Next

Brandon Shelton: We get asked all the time how those in our network, our taskforce can support us. Well, we're in capital raising mode. So obviously any family offices or individuals or institutions that would like to invest in our thesis and emerging manager doing some great, great things in multiple ecosystems. Introductions to investors in the near term. As always, introductions to high performing former military and former national security leaders as founders and their companies. That would be great. And last but not least, and maybe more important, is that if you are connected to leaders and enterprise markets, industry, and you or they can help any of our founders, please reach out. We're a network driven organization and we're trying to get as many folks oriented against each of our our founders and their missions as possible. So please reach out.

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