Praise testimony

June 10, 2022

Video Transcript

So what is your name? My name is praise Bhiza, What church do you attend? I attend Celebration church Kadoma. Fantastic. When were you born again? I was born again in 1997 when I was 14 years old in Bulawayo. And what changed in your life then? Um it's okay so remember my life um yeah okay so what changed in your life then? I have been just reading a few books in the library and I got away of sin and the moment I prayed the sinner's prayer I could see a big mound of sin behind me and ahead of me it was all clear so I kinda knew what the love of God was and what living a pure life with me of me. So what what is the testimony you want to share with us today? My testimony that I want to share today is that in 2009 after I've got to take a deep breath, wait a few seconds my testimony that I want to share today Is that in 2009 I got a job in Harare and I was looking for an english medium church. A friend of mine at work gave me a bible reading card and said I'll get free transport. So every every sunday I would stand by Avondale and I'd always get a lift from somebody and that's how I started coming to celebration church a week after I started coming to the church I got unjustly terminated from my job. It was a very difficult time but I had already become engrossed in the church and the activities I was in a cell group. Um not long after I also joined the Ashes. So we're praying a lot and we were english. Okay, so we're just gonna pause for a second. What's that word when you're together community? We were in community. Okay, okay. What do I take it for? Okay, so just take it from, I was in a cell group and I started serving in ushers. Okay. I was in a cell group and I was serving in the Ashes department and just being around a community of believers who who kept you going on, who prayed for you was so helpful and there were a lot of prayers, especially with the Ushers department, we were in at half six in the morning and we would leave after the second service at night and during the gaps during the day would be in prayer. So I spent a lot of time praying and during one of those times I distinctly remember what seemed to be like a crown coming on my head and it wasn't long after that, that I appealed my case and I won the case and I was reinstated back to my job. And then what happened at that same job? Well, I've been at that same job now for more than 10 years because I received

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