Patient Testimonial | Laine

August 12, 2021

"They really are a family dentist, and families come in all shapes & sizes."

Video Transcript

Speakers: Laine

Why did you choose Veranda Dentistry?

Laine: I started going to Veranda Dentistry based on the fact that my fiance, who is now my husband, went there, and many of our friends and family did as well.

How did Veranda Dentistry help you?

Laine: I feel like until recently, I was a pretty vanilla patient. I would come, I would have a cleaning. "No news is good news. " and be on my way. But in the last, I guess three years I have either been pregnant or had one or two children in tow, which has really upped my need for some accommodation, whether it's, you know, warning them like, hey, I'm really nauseous so I might gag when you're cleaning my teeth because I'm pregnant, or I have two small children that I somehow need to get through this appointment with them in tow, and everyone has been so great. They've been super accommodating. They've done everything from putting cartoons on while my oldest is with me so he can watch them and picking up his sippy cup repeatedly when he drops it on the floor, to offering to push this little guy around in the stroller and keep him quiet. during my exam. My oldest has also started getting his own exams and they're so patient with him and they're just very calm, which helps him be calm and it makes the whole process smoother. Our most recent visit was him and me being examined and cleaned and we were in and out in 45 minutes, which is great because as all parents know young children are ticking time bombs!

Why would you recommend Veranda Dentistry to your friends and family?

Laine: I would recommend Veranda to anyone because they really are a family dentist and families come in all shapes and sizes. Currently, they serve three generations on my husband's side, from my two young children, all the way up through their grandfather, and there's a variety of needs that come with those different ages and they're able to meet all of them.

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