Babbette Jackson Customer Testimonial

October 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Babbette Jackson

Could you describe a time that TechTual Consulting helped you?

Babbette Jackson: Textual has helped me out through the process of salary negotiation. A couple of months ago, I was in the process of looking for a new job. I finally got an offer, but I figured I needed a little bit more help because in my old grow when I got out of college, I didn't know much about salary negotiation. I just seen dollar signs with the first offer that gave me. Um so this time I reached out to textual consulting and he helped me increase my last salary by 70 k. And for that I'll forever be grateful.

How would you describe TechTual Consulting in three words?

Babbette Jackson: I would describe textual as very resourceful. There's a lot of information when it comes to getting new jobs, when it comes to cybersecurity and certifications and everything. But when it comes to textual, he does a really good job of taking all that information and relaying it in a way that people understand and people come back for more. And that's something that I really found interesting, like the different videos that he puts out the different Youtube videos. He now has a link in, um, training that you can go on just all these different places where you can get information, um, and not be lost and understand.

Why is TechTual Consulting different from other similar products or services?

Babbette Jackson: I would say Textural is different from other platforms because it gives this human feel to it. When I see his different videos, it feels as though he's actually talking to me and when I see his videos, it stops me in my track because there's a bunch of people sharing the same information. But for some reason when I see his videos, it makes me want to learn more. It stops me in my, but it gives me enough information to where I'm not in information overload. And then after the information is given in small snippets, it points me in a direction where I can go for more and when I go to that place for more, it's easier to find. So the whole process, he just makes it really easy and like I said, it's a human feel to it and you get a person that really cares.

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