TechAccelerator Sales Impacts HPE Aruba

March 28, 2023

TechAccelerator is used by HPE Aruba marketing, sales, training. TechAccelerator provides hands-on labs and test drives for their clients.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shane Kindt

What has been the most significant impact of working with TechAccelerator?

Shane Kindt: I would say one of the most significant impacts we have with using the TechAccelerator platform has got to be the ability to get our technology and benefits in the hands of our customers and and future customers, potential customers giving them a lab environment that is fully featured running our real code in a simulated environment that can scale to tens or twenties or dozens of concurrent users to let them really experience what the product and solution can provide them. That is probably one of the most significant impacts that we receive from our our experience using TechAccelerator. So the other item that I'd just like to make note of here and and really shouldn't be taken lightly is the ability to give our SE community, our sales and systems engineering teams, the ability to try and experience new features and product integrations firsthand. In a live environment, the TechAccelerator does provide a live environment. You're using your real code and real machine images in an environment that they can learn in safely and effectively and become better at their jobs as well. So those I would say would be the two most impactful benefits. We get on a daily basis from TechAccelerator Thank you.

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