Benedict McElroy for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Benedict McElroy

Could you describe a time that teamCaramba helped you?

Benedict McElroy: So when I first linked up with Team Caramba but they were excellent understanding my vision, getting exactly what I had down on paper, translating that into the project from start to finish. They were top at reaching out, liaising, you know, feeding back and making sure that any any updates and revisions that I wanted were delivered on time and as efficiently as possible. So I can only thank Team Caramba from the bottom of my heart.

How would you describe teamCaramba in three words?

Benedict McElroy: Proactive, proficient and professional.

Why is teamCaramba different from other similar products or services?

Benedict McElroy: I think the main way that Team Caramba differentiate themselves from competitors in the marketplace is probably, they are the ones who really are attentive to exactly what your needs are. They check in from start to finish. They even assigned someone dedicated to liaising with me directly that, you know, I had them on call 24 7, you know, any time of day or night, I could reach out to them. And if I had an update, they would be able to make alterations to that and feed it back to me and say, is this what you wanted? It was stellar. Honestly, I can only thank them as I say, I've never had that experience with any other competitor, so Team Caramba all the way.

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