Samuel Mormando - Teaching Adults Video Testimonial

June 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Samuel Mormando, Director of Technology, Garnet Valley School District

What has been your experience with the cohort and community so far? What are you learning and enjoying?

Samuel Mormando: Hi everyone. My name is Sam Armando. I'm the director of Technology Innovation and online learning for the Garnet Valley School District in glen mills pennsylvania, which is Probably about 30 minutes southwest of philadelphia pennsylvania. I've been here for a little over eight years, which means I've been out of the classroom for that long and that's really the reason I wanted to join um the teaching adults course um I work with are teachers and my team and the technology department on a daily basis. I facilitate district level and school level professional learning sessions for them. Um But being out of the classroom for so long, I knew I needed something new to bring to the table something um a different way to organize some of our pd and team meetings and the teaching adults course um was very easy um to navigate. It was had a lot of good resources that I could implement pretty much immediately with our teachers and our and my staff. Um So I would highly recommend um the teaching adults course to any educator who wants to learn something new about how to go about organizing new and effective professional learning um for their colleagues. The other thing about the course that I really enjoyed a j does a great job of bringing together many different experts in the field of education. So I had an opportunity to participate in weekly calls um with many people across the country across the continent for that matter, who were doing the same work that I'm doing and have the same struggle. So we were able to, on a weekly basis put our heads together and find solutions to some of the problems that we were having. So again, I would highly recommend the teaching adults course for anybody who is in education, but particularly those, um, teachers who want to be administrators or those who are current administrators, who want just some new tools to bring to the table to use with their teachers have a great day.

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