Judy Miller - Teaching Adults Video Testimonial

June 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: judy Miller, Director of Digital Learning, Beverly Public Schools

What has been your experience with the cohort and community so far? What are you learning and enjoying?

judy Miller: Hi, I'm judy miller and I'm the director of Digital Learning from Beverly public schools in massachusetts. I always appreciate the content that AJ Giuliani posts online, his podcast, his articles, his courses, but when I got the email about the workshop accelerator, it really got my attention. I big part of my job is professional development and I often offer workshops and courses for teachers and I also often struggle with finding creative and engaging ideas for things like problem solving, brainstorming or discussions. I have to say we're going into our eighth week of the accelerator course and my toolbox for ideas for these things has has exploded each week. AJ posts a short video online that describes a new format along with resources and we have enough information to go off and implement it the next day and an added bonus is that most of the formats are applicable in the classroom. Teachers can use these with students. So when I use this, these formats with my audience, they'll be able to use them as well. I also like our weekly meetings where we meet virtually in person and get to ask AJ some questions about the format over the week directly and also just have some chats with chat with colleagues from all over the country and even Canada, when I first thought about doing this, I was like, do I have the time to take on something else, but I have to say it's not a heavy lift. I really looked, I looked forward to it every week and I do hope that we can start another cohort in the future. So I highly recommend it and hope to see you soon. Thank you for listening.

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