Saurabh for Customer Testimonial Videos

November 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Saurabh

Could you describe a time that TDAI helped you?

Saurabh: there was a time in my career that I actually was looking for a change with all the studies that I've done and all of what I was reading that you know, everything is all about data these days. I actually wanted to foray into the careers career of uh you know related to data. That's what era actually helped me. They guided me through the wilderness of data. How exactly what exactly do I need to study, Where exactly do I need to start? Um and uh you know, what are some of the courses that I should start with? Some of the tools and technologies that I should start with at the same time? The classes that actually happened at the same time, the universe sessions that actually I did working on tools and technologies were really had really helpful and towards the end, working on that particular project was cherry on the cake when it actually helped me understand bring everything together.

How would you describe TDAI in three words?

Saurabh: three words in which I would like to describe it. I although there are many words that actually come to mind. I would actually like to start with. There definitely meticulous uh you know uh showing great attention to detail and you know very very careful, very very precise with things as to what exactly should we be learning. What exactly should I focus be? The second is helpful. They were always there you know, all the doubts, all the questions, all the clarifications, be it anytime, you know or be it any type of issue that I was actually related to of course the studies they were actually able to help and solve the third is excellence. You know you would never go along with them. Uh you know definitely is something that you if you are trying to go into the field of data analytics, something you should definitely consider.

Why is TDAI different from other similar products or services?

Saurabh: Today is different because one of the very big value adds. Uh another two of the big value adds that we would actually be able to get from them. Was one the experience as an intern that really really helps your chances of getting a landing of first data analytics job. So after you're learning, you know for about 2-3, 3 for for about two months you work with an internship company where then they teach you what exactly you know is expected from you when you land a job outside. So that internship is really, really helpful is a huge value add in order to get the job that you want to is the mentorship. It really helps uh you know, to have someone guide you through the wilderness of data analytics to say which topic should we be focusing on? What should we be working on? What should exactly we'll be learning. So definitely that stands them apart.

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