Mrs. Allen's Testimonial

July 05, 2022

Client speaking on her experience purchasing her very first home with Realtor, Tarneshia Barnett.

Video Transcript


Why did you choose TBARNETT REALTOR to help buy or sell your home?

ASHLEY ALLEN: Tarneshia was chosen as my realtor um, simply because I saw her heart before I actually got to know her. Um, I called her with simple basic questions based off of seeing her on one of my friends facebook page and just ask her questions. She knew that it was a possibility I had another realtor and she got me in the right direction and told me what, what will work out best for me and ensured me that it was time to buy home. Um, I was ready but wasn't positive, but she ensured me. And because she answered those questions with a genuine heart, um, without even any contract signed or anything, I feel like she was the perfect person because she understood me and she, she was genuine about everything that she did. And from there we went.

What challenges did you run into that TBARNETT REALTOR helped you sort out?

ASHLEY ALLEN: Um, The challenges that I ran into would buy my first home that Tarneshia to help sort out was several one was the challenge of not feeling like this was the right time and just giving up, um, such a rough housing market and um, just the challenges of paperwork, having to find a home. She took all of those burdens off of me and was able to do those things for me. And she also took off the challenge and the burden of having to negotiate with, um, any other company or relative company that we had to get our home from. She made sure that things was done quickly in a timely manner and done professionally.

Why would you recommend working with TBARNETT REALTOR to buy or sell a home?

ASHLEY ALLEN: I would definitely recommend Tarneshia to as a realtor to buy or sell a home Because number one, she cares, she genuinely cares. Number two, she values your opinion as a customer. Number three, she wrestles day and night and she's always accessible. I can tell you, I called her several times throughout the night in the morning. Whatever time I called her a text her, she was always available. Always kept in contact, reached out, make sure she gave information. Um, and I would say you should choose her as a realtor because number one, she's not out for, to get money or to get over on you. She's actually out to make sure you're taken care of as her customer to make sure everything that you need is there and done decently and in order.

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