TaskOn Client Testimonial - Celebration Education

February 27, 2023

Heather Martinson is the owner and founder of Celebration Education, an innovative program for homeschooled children. TaskOn handles various administrative duties for her and her business.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Heather Martinson, Celebration Education

Who are you and why did you choose TaskOn?

Heather Martinson: Hi my name is Heather Martinson. I run Celebration Education. We are a program that caters to homeschoolers. They come to us for classes for one or two days a week. So basically we're like a part-time school. My challenge was that as a part-time school I needed a part-time assistant. There wasn't enough work for a full-time assistant yet, the work that I had was too much for me alone. So I had over the years had several different people help me out with different aspects of the business. But for the most part a lot of times it was the parents of some of the kids but it's hard to find honestly a reliable part-time assistant. Somebody that's gonna be working from their home, doing work on their own time and so forth So when I came across TaskOn I was like oh I should try them out. There are certain things that I wasn't getting done. Certain things that weren't getting done that I wanted to. I decided to try it out, give them those assignments and see how they did with them. And so that's what I did. I gave them a few things to work on and they did a great job and so I decided to give them more

How has TaskOn helped you and your business?

Heather Martinson: So the biggest thing that I needed help with, the first thing that I needed help with was setting up field trips our program likes to do field trips about two a month and so, but over the years it's been hard to find somebody that's reliable enough to continue and work on the field trips all year long. Usually, interest wanes near the end of the year. And we just don't have field trips in the spring, so it's been great having TaskOn work on our field trips. Honestly, this is the first time we have field trips going throughout the year from fall all the way until spring. This the first time in about 10 years because I've been having to rely on either myself or other people who I'm actually paying I was paying them for it but they still weren't consistent enough to be able to make it happen So this has been really helpful to actually get a full year's worth of field trips all on the books and get them scheduled and get the families interested in and signed up on them also. Some other things that TaskOn has helped with is communicating with families, they do my billing now, so I don't get behind in my billing, they make sure everyone that comes to class has paid for it. They do data entry for me, they've made some phone calls and even received some phone calls they've done some venue scheduling in addition to the field trips and it's been wonderful. They're reliable and affordable and easy to work with. It's been great.

What is the most significant aspect of working with TaskOn?

Heather Martinson: Really when it comes down to it, the most significant thing for me is that when I need something done, instead of putting it on my to-do list, I just email it to them and they do it. I don't have to worry about it. It's off my shoulders, It doesn't have to weigh down my thoughts and I don't have to worry about when am I going to figure out how to do this or when to do this? Or there's even been times I don't even know how I'm going to do it, I don't even know how I'm going to do it and I have them do it for me and they figure it out and they get it done. It's been great. I've been really appreciative of all of their work and ingenuity and being committed to all these tasks that I need them to do for me.

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