Kurt Vanderah - Membership Director Follow Up

June 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kurt Vanderah, Board.org

What is your role as Membership Director, and how would you help solve this potential member's specific challenges?

Kurt Vanderah: Hey Bethany, my name is Kurt Vanderah I'm the senior membership Director at Talent Marketing Board. And as much as I've talked with Brian and Betsy about you joining the community and gosh, we'd love to have Dell back. I feel like I've gotten to know you some through that blog post about allyship, about you professionally. And personally, I thought you did a great job of telling that story. I'd love to tell you a little bit, a little bit about me and what I do here with Talent Marketing Board. I've been part of board dot org for 10 plus years now and just thrive on getting people connected, figuring out the relationships and building those connections between me and members. But between members and each other, you need to talk with people like yourselves in order to understand different ways of looking at challenges and figuring out different perspectives at enterprise level brands so that we can help you do your job that much better. And I admit there's a big part of me that wants you in this community selfishly. I see how you tell stories like that blog post. I understand that your career site and how you bake EVP into that to make it jump off the screen. That that's a skill and that's something that I think that you could help teach a lot of our members about. But at the same time, I think that there's a lot of our members would benefit you. I know that Dell has got a long standing reputation of flexible work and remote work, which in before times was a differentiator, right? It was a very big deal. And now, well, it's a little bit of everybody. It's it's part of the competitive package that you've got. Well, how do we bring that to life? We've got members who are doing a good job of telling their story and figuring out how to highlight the benefits that they have and the experience that they have and how that can be attractive. Two candidates, especially to candidates who might have accompanied pigeonholed in a certain way. Dell has a reputation of being the computer company, a darn good one at that. But you guys do a whole lot more and there are so many financial service companies that we have CPG companies that we have, even retailers that do a lot and try to find different ways to say, here's how we tell our story and don't pigeonhole us in that one particular way and they've got experiences that they want to share. We just had a call last week, in fact about personas and how it is that we try to attract those specific audiences. I'd love to share those call notes with you. But frankly, I'd love to have you here for those conversations. We do these every week, but really every day where we can get you connected one on one, where we talk to our email forum where we have the phone calls where we can dive deep with people who are in positions just like yours. The notes are one thing and they'd be great, but gosh, we'd really love to have you here.

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