SgtQ for For you, our Tacticlip Advocate

August 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: SgtQ

Just 1 question: What do you think of your Tacticlips?

SgtQ: All right guys. These Sergeant Q. And I am traveling again. I know, I know I travel a lot and I am actually heading to Arizona to see a friend of mine, he is retiring from the military. So I get to go down and see my good buddy George wade. But here's a tip. It's a mental health tip and a travel tip. So every time that I fly and it's gonna be a flight short flight long flight doesn't matter. I'm always looking for a way to make it more enjoyable. So here's what I do. I pick up a couple packs of these right here. These are genuine tactic clips and I grab these things on amazon, there are only a few bucks. And when I get on the plane I find the stewardess as I'm getting on and I give her one of these packs and I say, hey thank you so much for serving us today. We appreciate you. And it is incredible the level of service you get after that happens right? And you say thank you. You give them a small gift and it just makes your fight so much more enjoyable. It increases your mental health and it makes the stewardess feel appreciated. And so she's gonna pay more attention to you. All right, Follow me for more mental health tips

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