Gabrielle Wildheart | Yoni Flower Artist

January 26, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gabrielle Wildheart

Gabrielle Wildheart: Hi, I'm Gabrielle Wild Hart, and I'm the creator of the Yoni Flower Project which features images of real vulva turned into imaginary flowers. And it's a way to help women connect to their bodies and learn to love their bodies and accept their yonis more easily. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that is a sacred term of reverence for the vulva And Yoni flowers are a theme I started working with in 2016 as a way to heal my own shame around my body. I used to feel uncomfortable about the way my yoni looked and I really wanted to get over that. So as an artist, I turned to art to help and I started painting Yonis as flowers to really celebrate their beauty, the fact that they are natural. And as I worked on this project, I started to discover all these deeper layers of meaning because flowers actually are the genitals of nature. They are the reproductive parts of the plant and they have ovaries and they have eggs just like our reproductive organs. So in painting the flowers, I was able to really accept my body fully and see it as a beautiful part of nature. That is what I want to offer you all coloring these coloring pages. It's a way to get comfortable looking at a vulva and really appreciate its form, appreciate its beauty, appreciate what it does for the world, for you, for reproduction, for pleasure. And also to recognize that it is as natural and beautiful as a flower and that if we can see our own bodies, that way we can be more empowered and healthier in our relationships to ourselves. All right. Thank you and enjoy coloring your yoni flowers.

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