Douglas McLachlan for Utiva - Video Testimonials

January 25, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Douglas McLachlan

Douglas McLachlan: Hi, my name is Doug. I'm an active 74 year old. My wife and I have four Children and eight grandkids. Uh, that keep us busy. Uh, I'm also very active in the summer. I golf weekly and I also bike, try to bike daily. I also do some kayaking and I garden with, one of my grandkids and winter rolls around. I'm still a skier so I do some downhill skiing and I'm more involved in cross country skiing these days. I also do skating with the grandkids and, my wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to travel. So we usually try to do, some major traveling every year for sure. I also volunteer within the community. I feel it's my opportunity to give back to a community that's been very good to me.

What symptoms were you struggling with?

Douglas McLachlan: The symptom that I was dealing with were urinary tract infections. As I mentioned, my wife and I travel. So we were out of the country. This was well over a year ago. And I got a UTI I and I went to a medical facility and this was diagnosed and I was given some antibiotics that seemed to clear it up in the short term. On our return home within the next six months, I had four more UTIs. So it was very frustrating. I went to my family physician, I was examined and it was concluded after lab tests that yes, I had UTIs and I was given antibiotics and different antibiotics each time and it continued to persist. So I was referred to a urologist. He examined me, I had a medical procedure done. I had an ultrasound. He reviewed my medications and after discussing and talking with him, he recommended that, that I perhaps go to try a product that had cranberry in it, cranberry PACs. And he recommended, he said he had had patients and it had success and his research showed that UTIVA cranberry PACs was a good product. So I went online, I checked out this product and, um, I started to use it. I ordered, ordered a subscription and started to take it and I take one daily and it, within a few weeks it, seemed to be working fine. And since I started that product, I have not had a single UTI and it's a natural product which I like to use. It's got no side effects. It's easy to use, as I mentioned once a day. And I think it's a, it's a, it's a great product and I love using it.

Can you tell us about your OAB?

Douglas McLachlan: The other major issue that I've been dealing with and using UTIVA products is that I've had an overactive bladder. And as most men get older, this is a, a symptom that a lot of us have. But I was getting to a point 6-7 months ago that I was up getting up six times a night, which was so frustrating and I was really, really at my wits end. So I, I checked out, since I'd had such success with the PACs that I checked out the UTIVA product called Bladder Health. And so I thought what the heck there was a special on, I ordered some and I tried it and I took, take one tablet a day and within a couple of weeks I couldn't believe it. I went from six times in the night to up once, once and it was usually, you know, 3-4 o'clock in the morning and often even it wasn't until six in the morning. So this was like a godsend, believe me. So, uh I continued with that, have continued with that. Ordered a subscription. I take it once a day along with my cranberry PACs. It's has no side effects, same sort of thing. All natural products. And the great thing is that it works. Uh What I would recommend these products, both of these products are to, to my friends and to, to men. This is not, these are not products just for women. I would recommend them. And the main thing is that it works. I found that it actually works. They're easy to use. They're natural ingredients in them. I've had no side effects. It's a great company to work with any questions I've had or had to change something or request more or less. They get back to you immediately. So, uh the main thing is to me as as a consumer is that I would definitely recommend using this product. Give it a try. Thanks.

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